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Resources & Support Groups

Many hospital departments work closely with Rehabilitation and Therapy. Our services are provided to patients who suffer from cancer, heart disease, traumatic injuries, neurological disorders and many other conditions. We treat both children and adults, and our treatment plans vary in length. Because we touch so many areas, we can offer a wide array of resources to our patients, including:

  • Stroke Support Group – Patients with a history of stroke (as well as their family and caregivers) are invited to join this group to discuss their experiences, their struggles and the impact therapy has had on their lifestyle. Members encourage each other on their stroke recovery journey. Click here to register or call (225) 381-6535.
  • Lymphedema Support Group - support group focused on providing education, emotional support and the opportunity to network with others diagnosed with edema/swelling, due to primary or secondary lymphedema. Click here to register or call(225) 763-4243.
  • Healthy Steps Exercise Classes – Taught by certified instructors, the Healthy Steps "Moving You to Better Health” is a therapeutic exercise and movement program open to all who have had cancer, radiation, chemotherapy or any chronic disorders such as lymphedema or edema. Click here to register or call (225) 763-4243.
  • BIG for Life – This is a community-based fitness program for Parkinson’s Disease patients who have completed the LSVT BIG therapy. The exercises are fun, challenging and engaging. Patients practice “big” movements at home and in a group setting. Call (225) 763-4050 for more information.
  • Fitness Classes – Baton Rouge General’s Health & Wellness team offers ongoing fitness classes, many that can be offered in conjunction with a patient’s rehab treatment plan. Click here to see a list of our classes.
  • Home Health - Your doctor may refer you to our home health services which are provided by an experienced team that includes nurses, social workers, therapists and other healthcare professionals to help you regain your strength and independence. Click here for more information or call (225) 376-6157.
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