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Smoking Cessation

Baton Rouge General's Smoking Cessation program addresses real life issues surrounding the lifestyle of a smoker including weight control, stress management, fighting the urge to smoke and staying smoke-free. The program is offered on various days/times to help make it convenient for our participants. Individual sessions are available in addition to virtual sessions.

Call (225) 387-QUIT for help with quitting now.

Why Quit?

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death. Cigarette smoke affects every organ in the body and has harmful effects on those around you.

It’s not easy to quit and many smokers have several failed attempts on their own before being successful. Research has proven that participants who join a smoking cessation program in addition to their quit plans have greater success when quitting.

Benefits of quitting smoking can be felt within the first 24 hours and extend days, weeks, and months later. Taste, smell and circulation get better, walking gets easier, heart rate decreases, risk of heart attack, heart disease, stroke and cancer also decrease.

Quit Tips


  • Remind yourself of the many health reasons to quit
  • Think about your reasons to quit and write them down
  • Take a reality check of the financial costs associated with tobacco use and think of how you might use the funds when you stop


  • Identify and develop coping or problem solving skills
  • Gain support from family, friends and co-workers
  • Identify the behavior associated with tobacco use (daily routine)
  • Write down positive & healthy alternatives for those times when you usually use tobacco
  • Talk to your physician about nicotine replacement therapies like gum, patches, and prescription medications


  • Avoid temptations and recognize dangerous situations
  • Do not smoke or use tobacco at all
  • Reduce or avoid alcohol use
  • Remember the 4 D’s to get you through the days
  • DO something else (helps to avoid stress)
  • DRINK lots of water
  • DEEP breathing
  • DELAY, it will help you move beyond the urge to smoke

Stay Quit

  • Slip/Relapse – the difference is within your control
  • Mentally rehearse tough situations
  • Eat healthy and exercise
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