Steps to Safer Healthcare

At Baton Rouge General, we're taking extra precautions to keep you safe. As the only hospital rated ‘A” for patient safety each year since 2012, we have always made your safety our top priority. Now, as always, we are continuing to evolve and adapt our processes to allow you to continue to see your doctor, get your recommended screenings, have important surgery or get emergency care without picking up a new infection in the process.

Our Team

If employees have symptoms of a respiratory illness, they are required to stay home until they have recovered completely and cleared by our Employee Health department. Baton Rouge General also provides COVID-19 testing to all employees with respiratory symptoms. Our employees wear masks throughout all areas of the hospital and appropriate PPE while working with patients.

Entering the Hospital

Entrances to the hospital are limited right now so we can be sure we’re screening everyone who visits. Visitors and patients entering the building must wear a mask and will have their temperature checked before entry. Hand sanitizer stations are provided at every entrance. If you do not have a mask, we can provide one at the door.

At Bluebonnet:

  • If you are experiencing an emergency, enter through the Emergency Room.
  • If you have a scheduled appointment in our building, enter through Entrance 3.
  • If you have a scheduled surgery, enter through the Main Entrance where the surgery team will confirm your procedure.

At Mid City:

  • If you have a scheduled appointment in the building, enter through the Main Lobby.


One visitor over the age of 18 will be allowed for the following:

  • Surgery patients
  • Laboring mothers
  • End of life patients
  • Patients with special needs

While we hope to upon up visitation beyond this soon, we encourage family members to facetime their loved ones during their stay and provide iPad devices if needed. If your loved one is having surgery, you can get status updates about their progress through our surgery tracker app. Simply download the app or search "Baton Rouge General Mobile" in the App or Google Play store and put in the surgery tracker number your loved one was given when they arrived for surgery.

Emergency Room

All patients arriving at the ER are screened before entering. If the patient has symptoms of COVID-19, we ask them to wait in a dedicated negative pressure area to limit the risk of transmitting the virus to other patients. Patients with non-respiratory symptoms wait in the traditional ER waiting room, which has been updated to allow for social distancing between patients.

Hospitalized Patients

Patients with COVID-19 who are admitted into the hospital are housed in COVID units with strict security access that limits anyone but the dedicated care team from passing through or visiting the unit. Food on COVID units is served on disposable trays, to reduce the risk of infection to other patients or our nutritional care team. We do extensive cleaning and disinfecting of all areas daily and in between patients, both COVID and non-COVID, following all CDC guidelines for disinfecting.

Non-COVID patients are housed in units with other non-COVID patients. Care teams on these units do not interact with COVID patients or enter COVID units.

Surgery Fast Pass

If you are scheduled for a surgery or procedure, Baton Rouge General offers a fast track registration process that enables you to save time and creates a touchless experience while on campus. To receive a fast pass please follow these steps.

All scheduled surgery patients should enter through the Main Entrance at our Bluebonnet campus, designated only for surgery patients. Upon arrival, a representative will confirm your procedure, you will have your temperature taken and you will receive a mask to wear while traveling through the building. Following the screening, you will follow the touchless Safe Surgery Path where an admissions concierge will meet you and check you in for your surgery.

Testing for COVID-19

Since the start of the COVID-19, we have expanded our capacity to provide testing for our patients. We test COVID suspected patients to ensure we use appropriate precautions to keep our staff and patients safe.

Curbside Pharmacy

Need a prescription refilled from Baton Rouge General's pharmacy? We are now offering curbside pickup. Click here to refill.

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