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Program Overview

While functioning as integral members of the health care team, residents will gain skills to meet the daily demands of pharmacy practice. Residents will learn to solve practice-related problems through critical thinking and evaluative skills, become effective educators of other health care professionals and patients, and develop a commitment to the profession of pharmacy and life-long learning.


Residents are required to staff every other weekend and one week night monthly. In addition, the residents are required to staff one major and one minor company recognized holiday (Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day and Mardi Gras Day). These requirements may change based on the needs of the department.

Clinical On-Call Program

Residents rotate through the clinical pharmacist’s on-call rotation which provides support from
clinical pharmacy specialists to the staff in answering drug information and time-sensitive nonformulary requests. Residents are supported by a back-up on-call clinical pharmacy specialist who will help assist in navigating difficult scenarios.

Longitudinal Rotations and Additional Projects

Pharmacy Grand Rounds / Seminars

Formal topic discussions that are open to pharmacy staff, physicians, medical residents, and
other members of the healthcare team. Residents will work with a mentor to develop two one-hour long educational session on a controversial or relevant disease state topic.

Case Conferences

Bi-monthly, interactive, case-based opportunities that the residents will participate in throughout the year. The resident will partner with the preceptor for the current rotation to develop a presentation that is attended by the members of the pharmacy team.

Research / Publication

Residents will be required to participate in multiple projects throughout the year including a
medication-use evaluation and a drug monograph which will be presented at the Pharmacy and
Therapeutics Committee Meeting. Residents will also be required to complete a research project that will be presented at ASHP Midyear Conference and at the Alcalde Southwest Leadership conference.

Teaching Opportunities

Residents are required to complete a Teaching and Learning Certificate Program through an
accredited program. The residents also participate in our current preceptor development program
where they will be provided guidance on numerous topics including developing a teaching
philosophy, creating a rotation experience, and other strategies to promote being an effective


PharmAcademic, an ASHP-endorsed online evaluation system, is used for all resident evaluations. Evaluations are done for each individual rotation, research and staffing components of the program. Additionally, quarterly evaluations are held with the program director, coordinator and/or mentor to ensure progress on long term goals.

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