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Top 10 Gift Ideas for the Health Fanatic on Your List

Top 10 Gift Ideas for the Health Fanatic on Your List

There’s at least one fitness or food fanatic in every family, so we asked our dietitians and personal trainers what the hottest gifts were this year. Here's their top 10, plus a few bonus ideas.

  1. Weighted blankets – It’s like swaddling for adults. The deep pressure stimulates the release of serotonin, helping you feel calm and fall asleep easier.
  2. Immersion blender – This powerful little stick blender is small in price but big on versatility.
  3. Fitness club membership, personal training session, or class bundle – BRG’s Health & Wellness Center offers group fitness classes starting at $4 per session or $30 for 10 sessions.
  4. Activity tracker – From calories and steps to swimming and sleeping, an activity tracker is a crowd-pleaser! This article can help you select the right one.
  5. Food delivery subscription – This makes eating healthy on a busy schedule doable. Our dietitians recommend Trifecta, Sunbasket or Factor 75. The Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club is another great subscription-based option.
  6. Journal ... to get all those thoughts and big ideas on paper so you can fall asleep!
  7. Foam roller – For the fitness enthusiast in your life, this small piece of equipment is a must have to “roll” out those sore muscles.
  8. Fitness evaluation – A gift certificate for a comprehensive body alignment evaluation is a great, unique gift. This particular assessment is key to injury prevention, pain reduction, biomechanical efficiency and performance maximization. Schedule today.
  9. Nutrition consultation – Whether it's weight loss or eating healthier, a licensed dietitian can help tailor an eating plan that works for you. Call BRG's Health & Wellness Center at (225) 819-1175 to purchase a gift certificate.
  10. Herb mill – Adding freshly-minced herbs to their favorite recipe is faster and safer with this gadget.

In addition to the herb mill there are plenty of new kitchen tools out there like oil misters, food containers (try Prepd Pack Lunchbox Set or LunchBots Bento Food Container), fruit diffusers, salad jars, and, one of our favorites – the BUTEFO 8 in 1 Kitchen Tool Set - that your health fanatic will love.

Happy healthy shopping!