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LPN Mobility Advanced Placement Program

Baton Rouge General's School of Nursing offers a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Mobility - Advanced Placement Program. Once accepted into the program, an LPN can challenge and receive 12 credit hours for NURS 105 and NURS 106, pending the satisfaction of all criteria identified below, shortening their overall training time. The remaining 38 credit hours in the program of study will be completed as it is designed.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the LPN Mobility - Advanced Placement Program, LPN applicants must meet the following criteria:

Once accepted in to the program, LPN must meet the additional criteria below to receive credit for NURS 105 and NURS 106:

  • Achieve 100 percent on Fundamental Dosage Calculation Test*
  • Achieve 70 percent or greater on the National League for Nursing Acceleration Challenge Exam I (NACE-1), Foundations of Nursing*
  • Demonstrate competency “pass” on foundational skills

*All tests and skills will be scheduled and completed at Baton Rouge General's School of Nursing prior to the start of the first semester.
LPNs who do not meet all of the additional criteria will be required to proceed through the program of study as it is designed.


  • Testing Fee: $100*
  • Matriculation Fee: $1010*

*Non-refundable and are subject to change with yearly tuition fees.

For more information, contact the School of Nursing at (225) 387-7623 or

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