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The vision, philosophy, and mission of Baton Rouge General's Compensation Program is to provide a competitive and comprehensive compensation program that meets the needs of our employees by recognizing and rewarding their professional performance, contribution, and development.

  • Competitive, Market-Driven Base Pay: Our pay philosophy is based upon local, regional, and national standards with a focus on your job and qualifications.
  • Performance-Based Pay Increases: Our employees are rewarded for exceptional performance with higher-level merit increases with annual performance reviews.
  • Success Share Bonus Program: We recognize that our organization succeeds only when we as a whole thrive. In recognition of this organizational principle, our success share bonus program offers our employees an individual and organization-based performance reward each year our patient and financial goals are met. Components of the program are performance-based, with exceptional achievers receiving higher-level bonuses.
  • Comprehensive Shift Premiums: Our shift premium policy recognizes and rewards our employees who care for patients in a 24-hour, 365-day environment. Specialized premiums are available, depending upon position and department, for:
    • Evening
    • Night
    • Weekend
    • Weekend programs, with additional premiums for working primarily weekend shifts
    • Charge
    • On-call - market competitive rates, based upon specialty area
    • Call-back - compensation at time-and-a-half for call-back opportunities
    • Organization-recognized holidays
  • Competitive PRN and Resource Pool Rates: Our internal resource pool provides attractive and competitive rewards for employees taking on PRN and Resource Pool opportunities.
    • Freedom-Tier Programs: RNs taking part in the freedom-tier programs earn progressively higher hourly rates, based on the number of hours they work during each pay period.
    • BRG Agency: RNs taking part in the BRG Agency programs are compensated at market-driven, highly competitive rates rewarding nurses for serving in various areas of specialty throughout the hospital.
    • Unit-Based PRN programs: RNs interested in unit-based PRN programs are assigned to a single unit, and receive competitive flat rates.
  • Professional Development Rewards: Our focus on professional development is evident in our recognition of professional development, certification, and responsibility.
    • Clinical Ladder Premium: Registered nurses demonstrating exceptional professional service and growth are eligible for the three-tier clinical ladder program with hierarchical base rate premiums.
    • Certification Premium: Registered nurses and other clinical professionals who attain designated national certification in approved areas of responsibility are eligible for comprehensive base rate premiums. Reimbursements are available for certification exam expenses.
    • Charge Premium: Registered nurses and other clinical professionals who accept additional roles and responsibilities are eligible for rewarding base rate premiums.
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