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Our leadership team is comprised of administrators, physicians and trustees that are dedicated to the health of our community and the continued success of Baton Rouge General as its hospital. Each day we work as a team, together with more than 3,500 others, to carry on the General's legacy as a pillar in the Baton Rouge community.


  • Edgardo Tenreiro
    Edgardo Tenreiro Chief Executive Officer
  • Kendall Johnson
    Kendall Johnson Chief Financial Officer
  • stephen mumford
    Stephen Mumford Chief Operating Officer
  • monica-nijoka
    Monica Nijoka, MHA, BSN, RN Chief Nursing Officer
  • Andrew Olinde
    Andrew Olinde, MD Chief Medical Officer
  • Erik Showalter
    Erik Showalter President
    Baton Rouge General Foundation
  • Sean Casteel
    Sean Casteel Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
    Baton Rouge General Physicians
  • Bennett Cheramie
    Bennett Cheramie Vice President
    Information Technology
  • Paul Douglas
    Paul Douglas Vice President
    Strategy & Human Resources
  • Peyton Grant
    Peyton Grant Vice President
    Facilities Management
  • Meghan Parrish
    Meghan Parrish Vice President
    Marketing & Communications
  • Don Shaw
    Don Shaw Vice President
    Revenue Cycle
  • Brad Gaspard
    Brad Gaspard Medical Director
    Baton Rouge General Physicians

Board Of Trustees

  • Phyllis McLaurin
    Phyllis McLaurin Chair
  • Charles DAgostino
    Charles D'Agostino Vice Chair
  • Annette Barton
    Annette Barton
  • Rick Bond
    Rick Bond Ex Officio Member
  • Jacques delaBretonne
    Jacques de la Bretonne, MD
  • Brad Gaspard, MD
    Brad Gaspard, MD
  • Gwen Hamilton
    Gwen Hamilton
  • Rhoman Hardy
    Rhoman Hardy
  • Brian Jackson
    Brian Jackson
  • Joe Juban
    Joseph E. Juban
  • Roy Kadair
    Roy Kadair, MD
  • Scott Kirkpatrick
    Scott Kirkpatrick
  • Jason MacMorran
    Jason MacMorran
  • Louis Minsky
    Louis Minsky, MD Ex Officio Member
  • Isabelina Nahmens
    Isabelina Nahmens, PhD
  • Andrew Olinde
    Andrew Olinde, MD
  • Ryland Percy
    Ryland Percy
  • Edgardo Tenreiro
    Edgardo Tenreiro Ex Officio Member
  • Christopher Tyson
    Christopher Tyson
  • Ryan Uitti, MD
    Ryan Uitti, MD
  • S. Raju Vatsavai
    S. Raju Vatsavai, MD

Medical Executive Leadership

  • Louis Minsky
    Louis Minsky, MD Chief of Staff
  • Jeffrey Littleton
    Jeffrey Littleton, MD Vice Chief of Staff
  • nakia newsome
    Nakia Newsome, MD Secretary of Staff
  • s-raju-vatsavai
    S. Raju Vatsavai, MD Chairman, Medicine Services
  • glen schwartzberg
    Glen Schwartzberg, MD Chairman, Surgical Services
  • Andrew Olinde
    Andrew Olinde, MD Immediate Past Chief of Staff
  • Henry Barham
    Henry Barham, MD Member at Large
  • Emily Cassidy
    Emily Cassidy, MD Member at Large
  • roy culotta
    Roy Culotta, MD Member at Large
  • j-benton-dupont
    J. Benton Dupont, Jr., MD Member at Large
  • Nicholas Forth
    Nicholas Forth, MD Member at Large
  • joseph-griffin
    Joseph Griffin, MD Member at Large
  • Oleana Lamendola
    Oleana Lamendola, MD Member at Large
  • Lance-Lamott
    Lance Lamott, MD Member at Large
  • niels linschoten
    Niels Linschoten, MD Member at Large
  • Candace-Moore-MD
    Candace Moore, MD Member at Large
  • Catalina-Negulescu-MD
    Catalina Negulescu, MD Member at Large
  • amit-patel-md
    Amit Patel, MD Member at Large
  • mark posner
    Mark Posner, MD Member at Large
  • Eric Rowley
    Eric Rowley, MD Member at Large
  • Michael-Yorek-MD
    Michael Yorek, MD Member at Large
  • Venkat Banda
    Venkat Banda, MD Ad Hoc Member
  • Son-Dang
    Son Dang, MD Ad Hoc Member
  • Adam Harris
    Adam Harris, MD Ad Hoc Member
  • John Jones
    John Jones, MD Ad Hoc Member
  • William-Kellum
    William Kellum, MD Ad Hoc Member
  • Brian-Webb
    Brian Webb, MD Ad Hoc Member

Medicine Service Division Chiefs

Cardiology - Nakia Newsome, MD
Dermatology - Lynn Tucker, MD
Family Medicine - Robert Chasuk, MD
Gastroenterology - Oleana Lamendola, MD
Hematology/Oncology - Christopher McCanless, MD
Internal Medicine - Catalina Negulescu, MD
Nephrology - Jeremy O'Neal, MD
Neurology - Steven Zuckerman, MD
Pathology - Tonya Eichelberger, MD
Psychiatry - Venugopal Vatsavayi, MD
Pulmonary - Stephen Brierre, MD
Radiology - Adam Harris, MD

Surgical Service Division Chiefs

Anesthesiology - Son Dang, MD
Burn - Tracee Short, MD
Dental Surgery - Walter Jung, MD
Emergency Services - Dustin Vincent, MD
General Surgery - Dhaval Adhvaryu, MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Candace Moore, MD
Ophthalmology - John Couvillion, MD
Orthopedic Surgery - Robert Easton, MD
Otolarynology (ENT) - Henry Barham, MD
Podiatry Services - Patrick Hall, DPM
Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery - Emily Cassidy, MD
Urology - Ayme Schmeeckle, MD
Vascular Surgery - London Guidry, MD